A critically acclaimed group of women artists working or living in South London and exhibiting across the UK and internationally.

Our Constitution

The name of the organisation is South London Women Artists (the Organisation). All activities in pursuance of the Organisation’s purposes and on behalf of the Organisation are conducted in the name ‘South London Women Artists’ also known as ‘SLWArtists’.

The Organisation is a not-for-profit unincorporated association.

The Organisation aims are:

  1. To provide a supportive network for its members by:
    1. Encouraging creative community.
    2. Creating opportunity for its members.
    3. Promoting the professional development of its members through peer review, artist talks, studio visits, workshops and other activities.
    4. Any other means that the Steering Group consider appropriate to achieve the Organisation’s aims.

To help raise public awareness of the work of women artists by:

    1. Showcasing the work of its member artists through exhibitions and events, publications, the South London Women Artists website and @SLWArtists social media channels.
    2. Bringing the work of women artists to new audiences
    3. Any other means that the Steering Group consider appropriate.


    1. Any woman artist living or working in South London may apply to become a member of SLWArtists through the website or by email. Member artists have the following opportunities:
      1. To participate and in so doing, benefit from the activities as mentioned in clause 2 above
      2. To propose an activity to the Steering Group that, if approved, can be developed with the Organisation’s administrative and financial support, or passed on to the Steering Group to developTo vote at meetings of the Organisation
    2. Each year every member artist must have an active profile on the South London Women Artists website and to take part in at least one of the communal activities as listed in clause 2. Consideration will always be given to any member with special circumstances that may impact on their ability to maintain their profile or participate.
    3. Members who do not upload to their profile on the website or maintain their profile will have their profile and name removed from the website. No refund of membership will be given. Their membership fee will be donated to South London Women Artists. The Organisation can provide help to any member with access needs.
    4. The Organisation’s optimum number of members is 100. If a membership application is made at a time when there are already 100 members, the applicant’s name will be placed on the membership waiting list maintained by the Steering Group. The applicant whose name is at the top of the waiting list when a place becomes free will be offered membership first. Applicants can join at anytime in the year, though their membership will last until the yearly renewal date of 01 July.
    5. Each member must pay the annual fee of an amount determined by the Steering Group each year. On application, the Steering Group may waive or reduce the fee in cases of financial hardship.
    6. When exhibiting, member artists must have their own current Public Liability Insurance (PLI) policy. The Organisation may ask for a copy of the policy.
    7. The Steering Group may terminate the membership of any member who fails to maintain their artist profile on the website, fails to participate in at least one of the communal activities described in clause 2 or fails to pay the annual fee, unless this has been waived or reduced as outlined above.
    8. Any member of the Organisation may terminate their membership at any time by giving written notice to the Steering Group.


    1. The Officers of the Organisation are the Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and Membership . They work together to administer the organisation, provide creative direction and represent the Organisation.
      1. The Chair’s role is to uphold the constitution and mission statement; set the agenda and chair the Steering Group meetings; and oversee the management of the organisation. This can be done on a rotating basis.
      2. The Secretary’s role is to support the Chair and Treasurer, to minute meetings and keep the membership informed.
      3. The Treasurer oversees the financial planning and management of the organisation, and monthly and yearly accounting and reporting.
    2. The Officers are appointed by the Steering Group. Each officer serves for an approximate term of 2 years.
    3. Officers are expected to attend most of the Organisations meetings. They do not, however, have to attend project meetings if not directly involved in the administration or the curation of a project.
    4. If wishing to step down before the end of their 2 year term the Officer must give notice and offer support to the incoming Officer for an initial period.
    5. If no Chair is in office, the Organisaton can be managed by any member of the Steering Group agreed by the Steering Group until the position is filled.

The Steering Group

    1. The Organisation’s ‘advisory board’ is called The Steering Group. It guides the Organisation’s decision-making processes, conduct and helps administer the Organisation’s affairs, activities and general conduct.
    2. The Steering Group is the Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and Membership (the Officers), representatives of the website team and participating members. All members of the Organisation are automatically invited to join the Steering Group.
    3. Any person may be appointed to the Steering Group because of their particular experience or skill they possess and can bring to the Organisation. In such a case, they do not have to be a member of the Organisation.  
    4. Members of the Steering Group are expected to attend most of the annual Steering Group meetings. Steering Group meetings are held as frequently as the Steering Group consider appropriate, to discuss any matters arising in the conduct and administration of the affairs of the Organisation. There must be a quorum of one third plus one members of the Steering Group present at all meetings. Decisions of the Steering Group are taken by a simple majority, by show of hands.
    5. Member artists working on an exhibition or project are expected to attend Steering Group meetings for the duration of that exhibition or project, whether or not, they are currently an active Steering Group member.
    6. It is expected that members of the Steering Group serve for 3 years. Any member wishing to retire before the end of their 3 year term must give a minimum of 2 months notice.

Money and banking

    1. The Organisation maintains a bank account with the Co-op Bank or such bank as the Steering Group thinks advisable in the interests of the Organisation.
    2. The Steering Group may appoint signatories and counter signatories to sign cheques drawing on the Organisation’s bank account, to pay money into the account and to operate the bank account generally. The appointment of signatories and counter signatories are notified at the AGM following their appointment.  

Annual General Meetings  

    1. An annual general meeting (AGM) will be held after at least one month’s notice by email to all members and a post on the South London Women Artists web site. The purpose of the AGM is to:
      1. Review the year’s activities
      2. Receive the accounts
      3. Notify the appointment of the Officers
      4. Discuss other items as proposed to or by the Steering Group within the month’s notice period

Extraordinary General Meetings

    1. An extraordinary general meeting (EGM) can be called by the Steering Group or by any member of the Organisation supported by signatures from 20% of the members, with at least one month’s notice to all members.
    2. A minimum of 30% of the Organisation’s members shall constitute a quorum for an AGM or an EGM when:
      1. Any change of substance, as determined by the Steering Group, to the constitution is proposed
      2. There is a proposal to dissolve the Organisation  
    3. Decisions at an AGM or an EGM are taken by members by a simple majority vote, by show of hands. Voting can be by proxy with written confirmation provided by an absentee member. Members of the Steering Group may participate in and vote at AGMs and EGMs whether or not they are members of the Organisation.
    4. Dissolution or closure of the Organisation can only be proposed at an AGM or EGM unless the number of members falls below 10 in which case the Steering Group may terminate the Organisation without any general meeting.