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St Marylebone Parish Church

“Compassion: A timely art exhibition addressing the need for care, understanding and action in a world struggling with post-COVID realities and global challenges”

As the world grapples with the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, recession, ongoing global conflicts, climate crisis and challenges to human rights, a group of South London Women Artists (SLWA) are pleased to present “Compassion,” a poignant art exhibition hosted at St Marylebone Art Space, London. 

Key details of the exhibition:

    • Title: Compassion
    • Date: 25th April to 29th May 2024
    • Location: Art Space, St Marylebone Parish Church, NW1 5LT.
      Closest tube stations: Regent’s Park and Baker Street
    • Private View: 30 April
    • Artist Talks – planned events. Dates TBC


South London Women Artists (SLWA) is a group of 100 acclaimed professional women artists, living and working in South London.

We are a not for profit organisation. 


Our aim is to exhibit and promote the Artwork of Women in South London, who are often left unseen. 


Our exhibitions reach a large number of people, including art collectors, friends, families, schools, and places of work. Our group has 100 members, plus an alumni of artists and their friends. 

Each artist in the group has a minimum of 50 core supporters, meaning that we have at least 5,000 engaged supporters of the group.

Picture from our Private View at Espacio Gallery

As an example, Michelle Baharier, the chair of the SLWA artist group has an art mailing list just under 900 people, a following of 1773 on Instagram, 550 on Facebook and over 7400 connections on Linked in, including CEOs and journalist who know her from her work as the Founder of the award winning charity Cooltan Arts, which she ran between 2002 and 2018. 

Michelle also has access to the 40,000 strong readership of the organisation Disability Arts Online, where she has a curated blog. 

Our main SLWA account has 1.8k followers. Many of our artists have a similar online following, with an average between 500-2000 social media followers per person across all popular networks. We have admin access to art related Facebook groups with over 26000 members.

Direct Reach

With at least 12 women in each art show, if each of the participating member reaches on average 3000 people through social media, we can reach approximately 36,000 people directly.

Wider reach: 

  • We have a large number of potential customers. The work of the group is often taken up by newspapers such as the Southwark News, South London Press, Art Rabbit, popular local sites like Brixton Buzz and others.
  • We promote our events across all popular websites including Eventbrite
  • We print posters, which we distribute locally
  • We also print hard copy flyers and distribute them locally, reaching another 2000 potential customers.
    Our flyers are attractive and are often kept as a keepsake by our visitors.

Your sponsorship 

Your logo and brand would be included in all print materials. We will add information about your business on our website, blog posts and social media, promoting your business and products to our audience. 

We will also include information about your business in all our newsletters, our invitations, the newsletters of the exhibiting artists and our Press Release.

Last but not least, you would be supporting a worthy cause in the fields of art, culture and diversity.

The sponsorship we are looking for includes: 

  • £300 to hire the venue
  • £465 to pay for the opening night of the exhibition, including venue, drinks and nibbles.
  • £100 for printing flyers, posters and banners. 

We are also looking for paid ads on social media for over £100, further increasing the potential reach of your brand.

We are happy to receive sponsorship in kind, in goods, and in cash donations. Every little bit helps.

Among our previous sponsors are: Brixton Brewery and Digibees.Studio – A web design agency specialising in websites and online presence for artists and creatives.

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