B4 Studios Peckham festivial

B4 Studios Peckham festivial

Baharier is an acclaimed multidisciplinary socially engaged visual artist based in London. Her artistic practice is strongly influenced by her lived experience of disability, her work reflects this. Her oeuvre includes videos, sound, performance, poetry and colourful expressive paintings and portraits, using storytelling, phone drawings and digital collages.

Baharier’s work is intuitive and she is driven to explore elements of her own emotional states through art. Her work is executed and celebrates ‘TRhe power of Colour’ Her paintings explore inner conflicts of our human condition, showcasing extremes of self-love, hope and unease. Her cats explore emotion through their colour and their acrobatic shape’s, looking for simplicity, they sit under the moon, one is divided by the Ukrainian flag, a situation we all know about, but feel helpless to address. The paintings explore vulnerabilities and our lust for life in all its passion.
Trained at the Slade School of Fine Art


Sep 16 - 18 2022



Location 2