Celebrating Southwark TV and Community in South London, Michelle Baharier – Solo Exhibition

Celebrating Southwark TV and Community in South London, Michelle Baharier – Solo Exhibition

DATES: 13 – 18 February 2024 open 10am – 8 pm at

ADDRESS: Theatre Peckham, an award-winning cultural venue,
at 221 Havil St. London SE5 7SB
T: 020 7708 5401

To join any of the events please contact chris@communitytvtrust.org from Southwark.TV

Michelle Baharier’s upcoming solo exhibition is part of Southwark.TV Festival of Film & Local Media, a series of events celebrating 21 years of Southwark.TV.

Closely related to Baharier’s subject matter, the themes of the festival are: YOUTH, MENTAL HEALTH & DISABILITY, COMMUNITY, FILM & LOCAL MEDIA

Michelle Baharier will showcase her acclaimed portraits of disabled people who have changed the world. The portraits were commissioned by Disability Arts Online and The Foundry – A place for change and include sitters like Dame Jane Campbell of Surbiton, Sue Elsegood, Jess Thom, Penny Pepper, Katherine Araniello, John Pring and others.

In this pivotal exhibition, Michelle invites you to come and find out the history of people with disabilities, and the stories of those who are fighting to make our world a more inclusive place for all. Baharier’s paintings are bright and colourful, like the artist herself.

Michelle says, ‘As a painter it is important for me not to paint a photo, but bring out the dynamism of a person’s spirit.’

Michelle is severely dyslexic herself and experiences mental health issues. Dyslexia was not recognised as a disability until 1989, when Michelle had already left The Slade School of Fine Art. The artist says ‘When I left College, I was faced with a world full of barriers, as every application required written information and I had no support, so I could not apply.” This is only one of the reasons Michelle setup CoolTan Arts, an arts charity which supported disabled people and actively broke down barriers to inclusion.

The exhibition includes one of Michelle’s popular Largactyl shuffle walks on Tuesday, 13 February. We’ll walk and talk about the history of mental health in Southwark. We’ll find the workhouse in Havil street and we’ll go to the Dean Community Centre, 95b Meeting House Lane, London SE15 2TU, where we will stop for coffee and where you can join other events that are celebrating Southwark TVs local Media.
We are meeting at Theatre Peckham at 12.30pm in Havil Street SE5 on 13 February. If you’d like to join the walk, please wear sensible shoes and warm clothing.

Then on 15 February 2-4pm, there will be talks chaired by Michelle Baharier with Dolly Sen – an internationally renowned writer, filmmaker, artist and activist. She is a working class, Brown, Queer person who is interested in the disability and madness given to us by the world. Also participating is guest Kym Winstanley, a stand-up comic and comedy singer/songwriter. All three will be taking to the stage to discuss Mental Health, creativity and the Arts.

Michelle Baharier has collaborated with Southwark.TV since the early 2000, when she headed CoolTan Arts, a charity she founded, to be run by and for disabled people. Southwark.TV is a groundbreaking organisation, which has utilised the internet for video and community activism since its inception in 2003.

To join any of these events please contact chris@communitytvtrust.org

Exhibition Opening times: Work can be seen from the window 24/7. If you want to pop 10 am till 8pm Monday to Saturday (excluding classes). Light bites and drinks are available to buy in the Café Bar daily.

Theatre Peckham is a community theatre in Peckham, London. Address: 221 Havil St, London SE5 7SB


Feb 13 - 18 2024


10:00 - 20:00

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Theatre Peckham
221 Havil St, London SE5 7SB
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