Developing your Inner Coach with Intuitive Art

Developing your Inner Coach with Intuitive Art

I am facilitating an Intuitive Art session in June with the purpose of bringing out our inner coach – the voice that is always going to be nurturing and supporting, nourishing the soul and the soil where we want to plant our seeds.


What is Intuitive Art?

Intuitive Art is a fun, gentle and easy system for connecting with your own higher wisdom and solving problems outside of your head. It is perfect for handling the stress of life and the many decisions we face in our everyday lives.

As multidimensional beings we all have the ability to communicate with our souls and our alignment with spirit is always wholesome and strong. When we ask for help or guidance from our higher self, we are taking a massive self-help step as we set off on our truest journey. 


Inner critic vs inner coach

The inner critic tells you all the reasons you are not good enough. It is formed from painful early life experiences when we might have witnessed or experienced hurtful attitudes toward ourselves or those close to us. We unconsciously adopt and integrate this pattern of thought toward ourselves and others as we age.

The inner coach supports our efforts, motivates us to keep trying even when we’re not feeling at our best, keeps us practising for success, and helps us figure out what we’re doing that could be standing in the way of reaching our full potential.  This is the voice we need to listen to.  


What the session will cover:

During the session, we are going to look inside to find and speak to our inner coach. Throughout the process, we are going to learn how to use intuitive art in order to have a two way conversation with a trustworthy source, our higher self/higher wisdom.

The reality is that so much of the critic lives up in our head. It’s not the truth and it’s so important to replace that inner bully voice with wise, kind and empowering words – a habit of cultivating self-love, healthy thoughts and as a consequence, positive energy around us. 

Once you really listen and look, the distinction between your inner coach and your inner critic will become very clear to you. 


What will you learn:

I will teach you how to connect with your higher self by exploring your multidimensional self through forms, lines, feelings and situations of your everyday life. You will create your personal colour chart, discovering your unique colour meanings that we will then use to decode your Intuitive Art drawings.

This session will be run in a group coaching style  and you’ll receive direct assistance and guidance from me whilst you learn:


 * The code to your personal colour mapping system.

*  How to step into your highest 5d vibration and channel the answers to your questions.

*  How to have a two-way conversation with your higher self & strengthen communication.

* Listening and developing your inner coach. Identifying, separating from, and acting against the inner critic destructive thought process

* How to make the best decision in each moment and how to take inspired action steps.

* How to gain a greater ability to recognise limiting, disharmonious and restricting beliefs & energies.


As you become a conscious creator and leverage the wisdom & power of your higher self, you will experience healing and a deep transformation into a more centred & alive vibration. 

When we are more confident in our own choices and focus on healthy thinking styles rather than on those fear-based voices, we are supporting our emotional health, wellbeing, self-love and growth mindset. 


Please make sure you have the following supplies ahead of the online class:

Drawing pad  & pastels/crayons/coloured pencils in the following assortment of colours: Red, Pink, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Black, White, Grey & Brown.


This class  is suitable for all levels of intuitive knowledge/development and you don’t need to have an artistic background or art training.


Jun 24 2023


16:00 - 18:30




Online – Zoom
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