Michelle Baharier, Artist Open Studio

Michelle Baharier, Artist Open Studio

Bring art into your life this Christmas and celebrate! 

Come and meet me at my Art Studio, and enjoy a drink and some conversation this December, during Camberwell Arts Open Studios, South London


I’ll be open on 9th-10th December. This is my home, so the details aren’t public and spaces are limited. Please RSVP via email and I’ll send you an invitation.

I have curated my home studio and art gallery with beautiful colourful paintings and inspiring accessories.


My home is my nest and a place of Joy, where the importance of originality and lust for life and peace are cherished. You are invited to my sacred space, full of curiosities to peruse and collect. Paintings stay in family homes though generations, they are the heir looms of history. I can create a bespoke art commission for that very special gift for yourself or for loved ones to complete your home. Say you love someone with a unique painting, or perhaps a custom portrait as a gift.


“Thankful to Michelle for making me one of her models! I love the paintings, her artwork speaks for itself!

What a wonderful idea!”– Baroness Jane Susan Campbell 


Originality is not about minimalist white walls,

and neither is it about filling the space with generic decor or mass-produced pieces

Originality is about curating a collection that reflects your individuality and sparks a conversation.

And so, my guests are never bored in my space!

If you seek out unique artworks and treasures that breathe life into every corner of your home, come and see me let’s talk about how I could curate your home, and bring colour and light into your space.  

Whether it’s one of my own colourful acrylic paintings, an extravagant one-off accessory that splashes vibrant colours across the sofa or a whimsical toy that adds a touch of playfulness to a shelf, each piece holds its own story and adds character to my surroundings.




By embracing originality in your home, you too can create a space that is a true reflection of who you are, and an invitation for others to experience artistry and creativity.


Where to start?


Step away from the mundane, come and visit me in my art studio, to see how my selection of unique artworks and curated objects could fit in to your everyday life.

My live/work art studio is in South London, near the famous Camberwell School of Art.




I am curating a living gallery of imagination and inspiration and you can too. Join me on my journey

Open Studios: I’ll be open on 9th-10th December as part of Camberwell Open Studios, South London. This is my home, so the details aren’t public and spaces are limited. Please RSVP via email and I’ll send you an invitation.


Bring a friend in need of inspiration? 


Do one good thing today and please share this invitation with them.



Dec 09 - 10 2023


11:00 - 18:00

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