Observations of a Dog

Observations of a Dog

This is the eighteenth exhibition by The Tunnel which is a companion piece to their previous exhibition The Zone.

The focus of the exhibition is the limitations of knowledge (both human and animal)and the misaprehension of the natural environment.

We are living through a period of decay(political and social), our aim as creative thinkers is to discover a concrete expression of reality and transform the dying cultural systems thta we occupy.

The exhibition draws inspiration from the short stories of Franz Kafka and the theories of guy Debord.

“The more powerful the class, the more it claims not to exist”

Guy Debord

“It was written that I should be loyal to the nightmare of my choice”

Joseph Conrad


Jun 20 2019 - Jul 21 2019


06:00 - 06:00


Safehouse 1+2
139 Copeland Road, Peckham, SE15 3SN