HEO Artist’s statements 9 and 10

I thought you’d always have a young girl’s eyes, by Jennifer Merrell, Screen print, 35x45cm, NFS. While making my self portrait I found myself confronted with images of my younger self and the realisation that inside I am still those other selves – the youg girl, the wife and mother and artist now.

Where Is My Car?, by Edori Fertig, still from video by the same name, 2019, digital print, 29.7cm x42cm, £95 including frame. Where Is My Car? is a pro-age video in which I sing about misplacing my car amongst other things. Performing has become a great antidote to the seriousness I face when producing two dimensional artwork. I enjoy challenging the notion that older women are often invisible in society. The theme is about empowerment. Maturity gives us the confidence to know own’s own limitations and to find humour in the aging process. The video was made possible by Nat Wallace who provided the music accompaniment, the music score and production and the animation. My contribution was the scenery, props, costumes and initial concept.

You can listen to Where Is My Car?  by clicking here.

We are so excited that Edori has made this empowering single and feel blessed that she was able to perform it for us at the Private View of HEO at The Omnibus Theatre Clapham from the 6th – 31st January 2019.


In the next few posts we will look at the individual self portraits and statements from the artists taking part in HEO and the individual ways that the artists interpreted the brief. Artists work is displayed in order that it has been submitted.
HEO, Self Portrait Exhibition on Female Empowerment is curated by Claire Dorey, Selena Steele, and Maria Beddoes. It is the final exhibition in the HEO trilogy of exhibitions, following on from Silence Is Over and ExVoto. It is on View at The Omnibus Theatre Clapham from the 6th – 31st January 2019

Written by Claire Dorey