HEO Artist’s statements 11-13

‘She is Becoming’, by Karen Piddington, 2019, photograph, 29cms x 42cms, £60. The self-portrait, by Karen Piddington, is closely bound-up in the notion of becoming-animal, where the artist is straying into the psychological territory of animals. The artist finds a position of sameness with animals. She steps into their world to explore it not from a separate human position but from a position of animality. We cannot escape our humanness but the point of her work is to entertain the possibility of becoming something other.

Mama Warrior, by Angele Lautier, £350. Self-portrait of the artist who is a mother of four children. Her intense, yet distant gaze draws her audience into questioning what she might be feeling or thinking. Her unborn babies are nestled close to her chest and hair. They are still in their placenta which seem to be attached to her physically through a vein. She is symbolically giving them life.

“Diversity Personified” by Kate Redfern, Watercolour on paper, 26x36cm, £200. I found this subject especially hard, as it is about myself, and I don’t feel very powerful at all. So I suppose I have fallen back on traditional, practical aspects, plus humour. I am using watercolour as I felt that all the small images required were best tackled in a simplistic way. So I chose to represent various aspects of my life past and present and framed them within a stage, as this was how I had started my working life. The rest cover my domestic life, my teaching life, my painting and everything else. I am a sheep – part of a flock !


In the next few posts we will look at the individual self portraits and statements from the artists taking part in HEO and the individual ways that the artists interpreted the brief. Artists work is displayed in order that it has been submitted.
HEO, Self Portrait Exhibition on Female Empowerment is curated by Claire Dorey, Selena Steele, and Maria Beddoes. It is the final exhibition in the HEO trilogy of exhibitions, following on from Silence Is Over and ExVoto. It is on View at The Omnibus Theatre Clapham from the 6th – 31st January 2019

Written by Claire Dorey