HEO Artist’s Statements 14-16

Anti Selfie, by Julie Bennett, 70x50cm, £300.  I wanted to create a self-portrait that was effectively an anti-selfie as a commentary on how the ‘selfie’ is a representation of the world revolving around the individual rather than one striving to find oneself within the world. I painted myself from an unflattering angle whilst suffering with a cold sore to question how accustomed we have become to celebrating ourselves through endless self-promotion. This ugly reality contrasts with the typical ‘selfie’ brimming with confidence, sexiness and good skin. This is one of a series of four paintings created simultaneously to allow tonality, light, colour and form to be the focus rather than an overemphasis on capturing a perceived reality.

“Re-Birth”, by Caroline Macey, 2019, Acrylic on Paper, 29x21cm, £480. Playing with thoughts and realities. Combining the real with imagined, Caroline Macey creates a portrait half dreamt. Part from observation, part from collected images, from somewhere to something, the outside and inside, always two ends joining. Caroline was elected to the RE in 2017. Her prints are a joining of woodcut technique and lino. She is concerned with the human condition, a grittiness with a surrealist edge.

Rhiannon Williams, Appearance, nature, entity, part 1, 20”x20”, £3500. Exploring aspects of self through the lens of appearance, nature and entity; the first 3 factors of the 10 factors of life as described in SGI Buddhism. The sensitive, intuitive nature of women takes courage to embrace and explore.  It is sorely missing in the world. Although tarot was a past interest, I’ve understood it now as a useful method of  expression of the psyche. Nam Myo Ho Renge Kyo