HEO+3 Ex Voto Violence and Healing Artists Statements 9-12

Images: Jackie Crawford.

Jackie Crawford – 1. Kibakoganea Sexmaculata, 2. Thief Weevil, Acrylic and gouache on wood, 12.5cm X 10cm, £75 each, southlondonwomenartists/jackiecrawford
I mourn the loss of insects. We’ve belittled and disregarded nature and wreaked havoc on our planet.  Pumping poison into our atmosphere. Will it bite back? Or can we learn respect and change?


Written by Claire Dorey

In the next four posts we will look at the individual art and statements from the artists taking part in Ex Voto Violence in Healing and the individual ways that the artists interpreted the brief. Artists work is displayed in alphabetical order. The following artists are looking at the subjects of climate catastrophe, broken hearts, being mugged and struggling with difficult emotions.

Ex Voto Violence and Healing, curated by Claire Dorey, Selena Steele, Maria Beddoes and Jackie Crawford was the second exhibition in the HEO trilogy of exhibitions, following on from Silence Is Over. It was shown at Upstairs at The Ritzy, for two weeks in April 2019.

The exhibtion was in collaboration with consultant psychotherapist John Adlam and Professor Wayne Martin with reference to the book Violent States and Creative States (2018) and in suppport of the important role that Ex Voto can play in Existential Therapeutic Work via the themes of trauma, spirituality and gratitude, as exploerd in Chapter 16 of Volume 2 of the book. For more information on Violent States and Creative States and on Ex Voto do refer to previous posts if you haven’t already seen them.

Images: Jennifer Merrell.

Jennie Merrell – Milagro 1 and Milagro 2, lino print on old home doctor book pages, 24x18cm, £50 each, jennifermerrell.com
Initially I was drawn to these Mexican tin milagros as decorative objects but began to see them as offerings referring to matters of the heart that might be health related but more likely emotional trauma and a broken heart mended


Karen J Smith – Nomad, collage on board, 30x40cm, £250, @madbitch66
The icon is a representation of sacred personage, this work incorporates my own iconography which portrays difficult feelings and emotions.

Kate Redfern – Mugging V Music and Dancing, 40x30cm, Acrylic on canvas board, £250, kateredfern.co.uk
I was mugged around 8pm, and pinned to the wall. My bag violently snatched and I fell and badly twisted  my ankle and right leg. Almost better, but music and dancing now possible, and very good emotional healers.