All-Women Exhibition Curated by Independent Curator
In a bid to highlight the phenomenal work of female artists for the masses, independent curator, Gita Joshi, has partnered with the team behind South London Women Artists (SLWArtists) to host a virtual exhibition.
When will the art world recognise the real artist behind Duchamp’s Fountain?
Evidence suggests the famous urinal Fountain, attributed to Marcel Duchamp, was actually created by Baroness Elsa von Freytag-Loringhoven.
Artemisia Exhibition
In 17th-century Europe, at a time when women artists were not easily accepted, Artemisia was exceptional. She challenged conventions and defied expectations to become a successful artist and one of the greatest storytellers of her time. In this first major exhibition of Artemisia’s work in the UK, see her best-known paintings including two versions of her iconic and viscerally violent...
Latest from South London Women Artists
Our activities are currently limited due to covid, however we are taking the opportunity to enjoy our professional development and online talks.
HEO+3 Ex Voto Violence and Healing Artist’s Statements 13-17
Images: Kim Thornton. Kim Thornton - from left, Hestia and the Daily Miracles Sunday, Hestia and the Daily Miracles Thursday, and Hestia and the Daily Miracles Saturday, Digital prints mounted on aluminium 21 x 14.8cm, £80 each, ed. of 25 + 2AP, This series of ex-votos gives thanks to Hestia, Greek goddess of hearth and home, for the miraculous...
HEO+3 Ex Voto Violence and Healing Artists Statements 9-12
Images: Jackie Crawford. Jackie Crawford - 1. Kibakoganea Sexmaculata, 2. Thief Weevil, Acrylic and gouache on wood, 12.5cm X 10cm, £75 each, southlondonwomenartists/jackiecrawford I mourn the loss of insects. We’ve belittled and disregarded nature and wreaked havoc on our planet.  Pumping poison into our atmosphere. Will it bite back? Or can we learn respect and change?   Written by Claire...
HEO+3 Ex Voto Violence and Healing Artists Statements 5-8
Images from left: Edori Fertig, Helen Adie. Edori Fertig - Self Portrait with Teddy After Frida Kahlo, Acrylic gouache on paper, 43x33cm, £295, I became obsessed with Frida Kahlo in my early twenties after my mother’s tragic death. The transformative power of art is evident in Kahlo’s work and this is a personal tribute. Helen Adie - ‘Um watches...
HEO exhibition art
HEO+3 Ex Voto Violence and Healing Artist’s Statements 1-4
Individual art and statements from the artists taking part in Ex Voto Violence in Healing and the individual ways that the artists interpreted the brief
HEO+3 Ex Voto Violence and Healing
Ex Voto Violence and Healing, curated by Claire Dorey, Selena Steele, Maria Beddoes and Jackie Crawford was the second exhibition in the HEO trilogy of exhibitions, following on from Silence Is Over.
feedback from Ex Voto exhibition
HEO+3 from Silence to the Birth of Ex Voto Violence and Healing
"A fine and powerful and challenging exhibition on the sexual abuse and exploitation and oppression of women from South London Women Artists at the Portico".
HEO + 3 posters
HEO+3 Music for Silence
Written by Claire Dorey From left: Acoustic guitarist Max Warner performs with Jazz singer Talibah Rivers. Next picture: DJ Ben Smith (just seen) with curators Selena Steele and Valerie Lambert, setting up the exhibition. Portico Play List Because Silence Is Over was tackling such a difficult and emotive subject of co-ercive control and sexual abuse we felt that our guests...
HEO+3 Silence Is Over Artists Statements 21-24
Written by Claire Dorey Images from left, Julia de Greff, Anna Arianova, Valerie Lambert, Veena Scialo We've reached the last post featuring the artwork and statements from artists participating in Silence Is Over in June 2018 at the Portico Gallery. We hope you enjoyed their statements and found them as enlightening as we did. If you missed any do scroll...