HEO+3 Silence Is Over Artists Statements 7-9
The artwork and statements from artists participating in Silence Is Over in June 2018 at the Portico Gallery. Over 20 female artists had their say on a blank canvas on the subject of coercive control and sexual abuse.
SLWA Recommended Reading: Feminist Art Activisms and Artivisms
Feminisms’(as a plural) is widely used today to draw attention to inequalities and to critique the status quo in limiting women’s roles, positions, lives and potential. Art can offer a vision of future worlds, manifesting a desire for projecting change, playing with existing realities and conventions. Feminist Art Activism and Artivism, two sides of the same coin, arise where art...
HEO+3 Silence Is Over Artists statements 4-6
Artwork and statements from artists participating in Silence Is Over in June 2018 at the Portico Gallery.
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HEO+3 Silence Is Over Artists Statements 1-3
During the next few posts we will be featuring the artwork and statements from artists participating in Silence Is Over, June 2018 at the Portico Gallery.
HEO+3 exhibition
HEO+3 – Silence Is Over
Silence Is Over, the first Exhibition in the HEO+3 trilogy, was shown at the Portico Gallery in June 2018.
She Becomes Heo in Exhibition of Self-Portraits
Twenty female artists from South London Women Artists are taking part in this exhibition which opens in early January 2020, in an exciting new art space at the Omnibus Theatre.
HEO Artist’s Statements 20 and 21
In the Moment, by Pia Goddard, Digital print, framed 17”x17”, £250. I'm the one with the camera so I don't make much of an appearance in the photographic history of my family or in my creative practice, so initially I took this picture to show my face for once, and to show how I'm always trying to find the right moment...
HEO Artist’s Statements 17-19
Halo, by Maria Beddoes, Acrylic, 44x56cm, £500. Inspired by portraiture styles of Renaissance, Pre-Raphaelite and Christian Orthodox paintings, I’m exploring and reinterpreting the form to express a more personal, individual and secular celebration of everyday life. The daily heroism in the face of the many practical and psychological challenges of an unpredictable existence are rarely recognised or celebrated. Resilience in...
Karen Smith awarded Life Long Learning Award
Congratulations to SLWArtist Karen J. Smith who has recently been awarded, a very well deserved, Like Long Learning Award from Morley College. Karen is a self taught artist working with different mediums. She works in an intuitive way, that is deciding the piece she wishes to make, completing a small sketch or model. Then she decides on the best materials...
HEO Artist’s Statements 14-16
Anti Selfie, by Julie Bennett, 70x50cm, £300.  I wanted to create a self-portrait that was effectively an anti-selfie as a commentary on how the 'selfie' is a representation of the world revolving around the individual rather than one striving to find oneself within the world. I painted myself from an unflattering angle whilst suffering with a cold sore to question...
Spring Exhibition. All welcome.
HEO Artist’s statements 11-13
‘She is Becoming’, by Karen Piddington, 2019, photograph, 29cms x 42cms, £60. The self-portrait, by Karen Piddington, is closely bound-up in the notion of becoming-animal, where the artist is straying into the psychological territory of animals. The artist finds a position of sameness with animals. She steps into their world to explore it not from a separate human position but...