HEO Artist’s statements 9 and 10
I thought you’d always have a young girl’s eyes, by Jennifer Merrell, Screen print, 35x45cm, NFS. While making my self portrait I found myself confronted with images of my younger self and the realisation that inside I am still those other selves - the youg girl, the wife and mother and artist now. Where Is My Car?, by Edori Fertig,...
SLWA Recommends: Helen Cammock on Artemisia Gentileschi
BOW DOWN: WOMEN IN ART Turner-Prize-shortlisted artist and winner of the 2018 Max Mara Prize for Women – Helen Cammock on the 17th century Baroque painter Artemisia Gentileschi. Other episodes include the critic and memoirist Juliet Jacques on the surrealist photographer and resistance worker Claude Cahun; artist Liliane Lijn on the surrealist painter Stella Sneed; cinema theorist Laura Mulvey on...
HEO Artist’s Statements 7 and 8
Back To Earth Again, by Chrissy Thirlaway, 2019, Acrylic on canvas, 30 x 30cm inc frame, £250. My self is eternal through my effect on those who know me. My body’s eternal as it recycles in the earth, molecule by molecule, into the matter of other life - bacteria, fungus, plants, small creatures, birds, foxes. I am responsible for my...
HEO Artist’s Statements 4-6
Self Portrait by Veena Scialo ‘Inspired’ 2019, Watercolour and Ink, 60x60cm (incl fame), £650. My journey towards the outcome of this painting took me through various angles of perspective. How do I see myself? What is my self? How do other previeve my being? Which aspect of myself do I want to share through my artwrok? Veena is the instrument...
HEO – Self portraits and Artist’s statements 1-3
Self x 13, by Karen J Smith, 50 x 60cm, Mixed Media on Canvas, NFS. When contemplating making a piece of self portraiture it is difficult to identify only one aspect of self, so I have explored the self in terms of portrait, environment, familiar relationships. my emotional state, the self-conscious and the Id. That is how I see myslef,...
HEO + 3 – Heo – the private view and history of the event
We are really pleased that the Weekender has given us some fantastic coverage on HEO.
Debating current political and social issues - how can art evoke change? Politics, war and activisim. Join the circle, take a seat and enjoy the evening with a welcome drink. Wednesday 29 January 2020 7 - 8.30 pm RSVP Please join us at the Pillow Talk Literary Salon where ideas and shared stories are explored through the Nothing Less! exhibition and weaved through...
SLWA at Nothing Less! curated by Aline Lara Rezende & Julia Hartmann
Nothing Less! 100 Years of Women’s Suffrage is an exhibition that questions what constitutes women’s rights today.
Winter Salon in partnership with THE DULWICH ESTATE
A pop up window display of painting, drawing, collage, photography and fine art prints by a selection of member artists.
heo exhibition and project
HEO is the Anglo Saxon word for “SHE”. Evoking images of historical heriones it is also the title for our self portait exhibition. Twenty female artists from South London Women Artists are taking part in this Exhibition which opens in early January 2020, in an exciting new art space at the Omnibus Theatre, which has recently been refurbished.
moira Jarvis Tree Paintings
Moira Jarvis 1949-2018
Moira Jarvis was a committee member of South London Women Artists and also edited our ArtVerve online publication.
Pillow Talk Literary Salon at Nothing Less! 30 Oct & 29 Jan.
Please join us at the Pillow Talk Literary Salon where ideas and shared stories are explored through the Nothing Less! exhibition and weaved through the Pillow Talk installation that delivers a still point of study at the heart of a lush aesthetic experience. Working up a flow of feminist stories that reach through visitors’ senses of texture and space, the Salon offers a space for exchange and...