Winter Salon in partnership with THE DULWICH ESTATE
A pop up window display of painting, drawing, collage, photography and fine art prints by a selection of member artists.
heo exhibition and project
HEO is the Anglo Saxon word for “SHE”. Evoking images of historical heriones it is also the title for our self portait exhibition. Twenty female artists from South London Women Artists are taking part in this Exhibition which opens in early January 2020, in an exciting new art space at the Omnibus Theatre, which has recently been refurbished.
moira Jarvis Tree Paintings
Moira Jarvis 1949-2018
Moira Jarvis was a committee member of South London Women Artists and also edited our ArtVerve online publication.
Pillow Talk Literary Salon at Nothing Less! 30 Oct & 29 Jan.
Please join us at the Pillow Talk Literary Salon where ideas and shared stories are explored through the Nothing Less! exhibition and weaved through the Pillow Talk installation that delivers a still point of study at the heart of a lush aesthetic experience. Working up a flow of feminist stories that reach through visitors’ senses of texture and space, the Salon offers a space for exchange and...
SLWA artist receives Life Long Learning Award
Congratulations to SLWArtist Karen J. Smith who has recently won, a very well deserved, Life Long Learning Award from Morley College.
pillow talk
Pillow Talk – conversations with women
Pillow Talk  - conversations with women is a collaboration between South London Women Artists and the Women’s Art Library, Goldsmiths, University of London. Documenting the journey the project has taken between 2016- 2018, Pillow Talk contains texts and conversations outlining the various aims, themes and aspirations and is beautifully illustrated throughout. 
Dulwich Artists Open House
South London Women Artist Janet Tod was exhibiting as part of the Dulwich Festival Artists Open House.
julie bennett - music makers
Joint Exhibition – Music Makers
Hackney Picturehouse presented the first joint exhibition of artists Julie Bennett and Gerald O’Dowd.
Joan Byrne
There is Still Life in the old Chapel
A principal genre of Western art, the subject of still life painting or sculpture is defined as anything that does not move or is dead. Interpreting its meaning, 29 artists present recent works in a range of media: painting, drawing, collage, sculpture and film, with surprising results. Set within the historic faded glory of the Asylum Chapel.
HEO+3 Silence and Poetry
Written by Claire Dorey Images from left: The Rye Poets: Helen Adie, Pia Goddard and Joan Byrne. Kate Redfern. Aerial view of poetry reading. Karen Piddington showed a short film at the home cinema area of the Portico Gallery  
strong and stable
Strong and Stable
Celebrating ten years of South London Women Artists. The theme of the show references a recent article in The Independent referring to those now notorious words… ‘strong & stable’.
Three Billboards Inside Portico
MICHAEL HOLLAND 31stMAY 2018 As the campaign to out predators and abusers marches on, over 20 female artists from the South London Women Artists’ group use blank canvases assembled as billboards to have their say on coercive control and sexual abuse, to create a wall of unity.  Traditionally used for advertising, often objectifying woman, the billboards serve as a reclaimed space...