frieze discussion
Frieze ‘Alt Feminisms’ Panel Discussion & Sex Work: Feminist Art & Radical Politics
by Melissa Budasz for ArtVerve, at Frieze London 2017 What a way to kick start Frieze London – an hour and half from opening, Alison Gingeras chairs a panel of feminist practitioners whose careers have spanned over 40 years – Renate Bertlmann, Penny Slinger, Marilyn Minter and Cosey Fanni Tutti. Their art initially had censorship restrictions, cut-off from mainstream feminism...
pissarro - family supper
Orovida Camille Pissarro: Forging Imaginative Territories
By Florence Woodfield Morais for ArtVerve, September 2017   Orovida Pissarrro, Big Leaves, Egg tempera on silk, 56 x 65.5 cm (22 x 25¾ inches), 1932   Orovida Camille Pissarro, born in Epping in 1893, came into the world with a name already endowed with considerable art-historical weight. The only daughter to Lucien Pissarro (the eldest of Camille Pissarro’s seven children) and...
In conversation with Annie Kevans
By Rosie Campbell for ArtVerve, August 2017 A painted portrait has always had the power to grab my attention – and often to hold me by the lapels till I’ve addressed, quizzed, interrogated, decoded…even then, I’ve often been left confused, full of questions. It almost doesn’t matter the painting age, style, medium, subject, or even artist – there is just...
LEONOR FINI: Artist, Libertine, Provocateur
Unconventional, free-thinking and experimental, Leonor Fini was once the ‘it-girl’ of Paris and was one of the most photographed women in the art world.
isle of wight
From One Tip of a Diamond to Another
Caroline Underwood, Jackie Brown and Moira Jarvis share a strong desire to connect with the natural world and recently met up in the Isle of Wight to walk from the most easterly point of the island to the most westerly point across the chalk ridge.
paint brushes
Paintings by Vanessa Bell (1870-1961) and Legacy: Photographs by Vanessa Bell and Patti Smith
By Pia Goddard or ArtVerve, April 2017 Patti Smith describes her photos as ‘souvenirs of a joyful solitude’. Her response to Bell’s personal albums is a series of contemplative black and white images of Charleston, now empty, once Bell’s vibrant home, a house filled with an extended family of friends, lovers, creatives and radical thinkers. Images of a now quiet...
Gilliam ayres
‘With Space In Mind’
At the beautiful Tremenheere Sculpture Gardens near Penzance there is an exhibition of vibrant, energetic prints by Gillian Ayres upstairs in the gardens’ gallery.
joy gregory
Lost Languages and Other Voices: Joy Gregory at the Exchange Gallery, Penzance.
In Penzance at the Exchange Gallery until May 6th, is an exhibition by photographer Joy Gregory, a major artist who came out of the Black British photography movement in the 80s.
pillow talk
Pillow Talk
Pillow Talk is a collection of art pillows that captures stories giving a visual dialogue on women’s histories, experiences and psyches.
SAFTA Award for SLWA
SLWA Win a SAFTA for Visual Arts
A principal genre of Western art, the subject of still life painting or sculpture is defined as anything that does not move or is dead. Interpreting its meaning, 29 artists present recent works in a range of media: painting, drawing, collage, sculpture and film, with surprising results. Set within the historic faded glory of the Asylum Chapel.
Im inside, ring the bell
I’m Inside, Ring the Bell!
Continuing the International Women’s Month celebrations, SLWA is working with 4749 Tanner Street to exhibit a major new collaborative work about women of importance - a contemporized interpretation of Judy Chicago’s The Dinner Party.
women of the world
SLWA WoW Postcard Exhibition
South London Women Artists group show at the Women of the World Festival