Pillow Talk

pillow talk

pillow talkA SOUTH LONDON WOMEN ARTISTS collaboration with the WOMEN’S ART LIBRARY

Conceived by Melissa Budasz

Curated by Melissa Budasz, Moira Jarvis, Jasmine Pradissitto, Kim Thornton

Pillow Talk: conversations with women will debut at Brixton East on Monday 14 March2016 at 6.30pm to celebrate International Women’s Day. South London Women Artists (SLWA) have teamed up with the Women’s Art Library (WAL), based at Goldsmiths University of London, to create a nomadic reading room steeped in the achievements and ambitions, stories and histories of women artists.

The project Pillow Talk: conversations with women is staged in a transparent geodesic dome furnished with art pillows by SLWA artists as seating and a selection of readings, cuttings and ephemera from the WAL collection. Visitors are invited to relax, read the material and to interact by sharing their own inspirations and histories which will become part of the archive. These conversations with women contribute to a collective multi-layered memory of women’s art history and highlight the achievements of women artists.

The pillow artworks feature the work of 60 SLWA artists exploring diverse themes from the environment, science to politics, gender, memory and sex. They are sites of learning, contemplation, discussion and dissent as well as a place to sit. The stable structure of the geodesic dome and its transparency invites the public inside providing the perfect space for open and balanced discussion. Pillow Talk: conversations with women will tour to different locations in the UK throughout 2016 and will feature a colour ISBN catalogue.