Strong and Stable

strong and stable

strong and stable exhibitionSouth London Women Artists at Asylum Chapel, Caroline Gardens Estate SE15 2SQ

Special Event Thursday 08 Nov 5.30 – 8.30pm

Open Thursday 08 November 3pm – 8.30pm and 09 November 10am – 8.30pm

Christabel Beddoes | Maria Beddoes |Julie Bennett | Jackie Brown | Bushra Burge Joan Byrne | Liz Charsley | Liz Dickson | Claire Dorey | Lucy Duke | Edori Fertig Jo Gibbs | Jane Higginbottom | Kaori Homma | Ky Lewis | Jennifer Merrell Laura Moreton-Griffiths | Emerald Mosley | Kalamun Nehar | Lesley O’Mara Helen Peacock | Karen Piddington | Pia Randall-Goddard | Rachel Reid | Karen Smith Lucky Soni | Paula Stevens-Hoare | Christine Thirlaway | Kim Thornton | Olivia Urquhart

Celebrating ten years of South London Women Artists. The theme of the show references a recent article in The Independent referring to those now notorious words… ‘strong & stable’. Using a variety of media and often with humour and a touch of irony, member artists reflect on what these words mean to them.

Please find the article here:

Curated by Kim Thornton and Laura Moreton-GriffithsEnquires to: Kim Thornton or Laura Moreton-Griffiths at

South London Women Artists

Critically acclaimed group of women artists working or living in South London and exhibiting across the UK and internationally.

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