There is Still Life in the old Chapel

Joan Byrne

A principal genre of Western art, the subject of still life painting or sculpture is defined as anything that does not move or is dead. Interpreting its meaning, 29 artists present recent works in a range of media: painting, drawing, collage, sculpture and film, with surprising results. Set within the historic faded glory of the Asylum Chapel. For one day only.

Helen Adie, Maria Beddoes, Bushra Burge, Joan Byrne, Ilinca Cantacuzino, Liz Charsley, Pat Cove, Roberta De Caro, Lucy Duke, Jo Gibbs, Camilla Gray, Mary Gordon Smith, Jane Higginbottom, Alice Irwin, Angele Lautier, Ky Lewis, Linda Litchfield, Kim Lucas, Yoke Matze, Jennifer Merrell, Laura Moreton-Griffiths, Kalamun Nehar, Helen Peacock, Karen Piddington, Claudia Rutherford, Lucky Soni, Laura Symes, Caz Underwood, Olivia Urquhart.

Curated by Jennie Merrell and Laura Moreton-Griffiths

Still Life is on at Caroline Gardens Chapel, Asylum Road, Peckham, SE15 2SQ on Friday 29 March 10am – 8.30pm. Admission: Free.

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