Three Billboards Inside Portico


As the campaign to out predators and abusers marches on, over 20 female artists from the South London Women Artists’ group use blank canvases assembled as billboards to have their say on coercive control and sexual abuse, to create a wall of unity.  Traditionally used for advertising, often objectifying woman, the billboards serve as a reclaimed space where the female voice can be heard.

The ‘Me Too’ and similar campaigns have encouraged open conversation and raised public awareness of sexual abuse.  That abuse can be subtle and manipulative, or it can be overt and violent.  It can also be shrouded in silence.  How can the artists change the culture of victim blaming?  And what can be done to end violence against women?  In Silence Is Over, the look of the billboards will depend entirely on the artists and their interpretation of the brief.

Silence Is Over can be seen at Portico Gallery,23A Knights Hill, West Norwood, SE27 0HS. Times: 29th June 12 – 5pm; 30th June – 1st July 10am – 6pm; 2nd – 3rd July 12 – 4pm. Admission: Free.

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