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Alice Lenkiewicz
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Artist working in Painting, Mixed Media, Textiles and Film.

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Film & Video, Jewellery, Mixed Media, Painting, Textiles

I enjoy using vibrant harmonious colours in my art. I particularly enjoy oil painting and textile art. My work is mostly imaginary and working from memory or spontaneously. This can result in magical realist or Neo romantic style works. I enjoy depicting spiritual scenes and sensory imagery. Sometimes my work is painterly and raw and at other times it can be quite smooth and refined.

Ideas I explore, are women in various settings and landscapes. I tend to paint from life when painting landscapes. My paintings can be quite mystical and dream- like and at other times they are a direct response to what I see around me.  I enjoy a combination of colour harmony, detail and symbolism and therefore I tend to use birds, animals, flowers and architecture in my work to offer further associations and meaning. When I am using textile techniques my work becomes more abstract and decorative, focusing on texture and design.

I create art because I enjoy the process of discovery and experimentation. I am always seeking an antithesis.of colour and harmony. I find creativity therapeutic  and the ultimate way to explore meaning and balance in my life and surroundings. My process requires a variety of materials such as oils, acrylics and canvas, combining, painting and recycled materials with stitch and embroidery. I choose mostly oil and acrylic paints for my work because I enjoy the immediacy  and the fluidity of the paints. For my textile art, I enjoy using mixed media, combining painting and printing with hand and machine embroidery. I find the combination of these tactile materials, colour and texture interesting and versatile to work with.

I have been working on my art for many years. Over time, my style has changed and as my experiences change, my approach changes allowing me to become engaged with a variety of creative outlets, that support and reflect back into my works. Photography, film and digital art have all played an important roll in my creative journey.

Art is personal to me in the way that it tells a story of one's feelings and mental state during a specific time period. I feel in many ways that my works act as a diary of my lifetime emotions and interests. Life and death on a personal level have all entered my works along the way, sometimes forming narrative paintings. I find Mexican retablos are always interesting in the way they express these highly charged and emotional situations in one's life.

My surroundings influence my art and shape the mood and content of my work, such as the urban and historical environment I live within, here in Liverpool. I enjoy Liverpool's juxtapositions of  urban and scenic landscape. I am situated in the heart of the urban outskirts but I am also very close to the sand dunes as well as the sea. I go exploring and painting often. In the past, when I was travelling, I found different cultures inspired the content of my work. My main politics is animal rights and there have been times when I have brought this into my work.

When I am not creating, I enjoy talking and hanging out with friends, socialising and taking my dog out for long walks.

I have exhibited in the UK, group and solo shows. Over time, I have sold some original pieces. I have also created my own art collection with Art UK. This is a collection containing that of gifts from other artists and works by my father. Some of my own works are also included in this collection.

I can be contacted via my website for exhibiting, commissions and for those interest in purchasing my work.



I have had an unconventional route into art. I feel I am primarily self taught because my environment and life experiences have been my main inspiration. As a young girl, I was brought up around art and appreciated art tuition and discussion on art with my parents who were artists. Even before I studied a degree in Art & English, I had by that time exhibited and found myself immersed in my work. I feel I have picked up most of my skills just by going to exhibitions as well as watching and talking to other artists. My father was always wonderful to talk to and discuss art with and living in a variety of cities and travelling abroad in my youth contributed to much of my inspiration and development as an artist. Studying art at degree level was another joy that I appreciated and enjoyed immensely at the time.

My main work was always painting and then I started to write poetry and create short experimental films. 

In the past, I have curated exhibitions and organised poetry readings. Some of my illustrated writing has been published in books, magazines and anthologies.