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Jackie Brown
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I am a sculptor who uses the materials of the natural world to explore my connection to it

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Drawing, Environment, Sculpture

As a city dweller, I would walk out,seeking nature,responding to a collective memory of a time when there was a more direct collaboration between human settlement and the immediate natural surroundings, I would walk out to gather leaves and bark that have fallen to the park or wood floor. Cutting, sticking, sewing and piling, these harvest were fashioned into objects that reflected a domestic narrative.

Piles of bark and leaves balance, layer upon layer, like the towers of linens ordered into the airing cupboard waiting to live out their history.

A tender leaf was cut and stitched into a coat, a symbol of nurture and protection. A leaf , a vegetative organ whose function is to turn sunlight into glucose is strongly evocative to humans. The very language of it's parts is familiar, cuticle, vein, epidermis. There is a connection

I have a strong desire to see the stuff of the earth. In a city,this stuff struggles to show itself under the mass of architecture and street furniture, but it is there holding up the sprawling conurbation.On walks to doctors appointments, hairdressers, shopping trips I would collect earth bringing it back to the studio to be carefully sieved. This fine delicate soil would be used to make drawings.

Now I reside in the countryside, I am enveloped by nature. Slowly, I am becoming deeply embodied in the landscape.I no longer have to seek it, it is here.

Some of this landscape is heavily managed using mechanised farming practises.A settlement in the middle ages it is haunted by previous rituals of the land.

Some of the land scape is allowed to return to the flora and fauna that choose to be there.

I am currently focusing on Coltsden Field, exploring the human traces and relationships with this resource.

As well as harvesting materials from the landscape, I harvest materials from inside the domestic interior and from humans themselves. I have used human hair to stitch, weave and mold. I want to form a strong connection between the materials of ourselves and the materials of the natural world. I want them to work alongside to create their own mythology.

South East London